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Tattoo Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 9601
Price: $19.98

By Dale Rio and Eva Bianchini

Celebrate the art of the tattoo

From bikers and rockers to corporate professionals and suburban homemakers, tattoos adorn all facets of modern culture while finding their roots in ancient traditions from around the world. Tattoo is a visual masterpiece that explores the fascinating history, deep significance, and countless styles that define the art of the tattoo.

The widespread popularity of tattoos is undeniable. Designs defined by elegant simplicity or cheerful good humor to those of serious and elaborate composition now frequently appear on fashion runways, in art exhibits, and on the bodies of "free thinkers" and serious professionals alike. With incredible, sumptuous photography that reveals a fascinating range of colors and aesthetics, Tattoo celebrates the history, style, culture, and modern significance of the art of tattooing.

Tattooing is indeed a true art form, marked by creativity, depth of meaning, and a rich past. Whether the images represent an individual's heritage or whimsical character, memorialize a loved one, or hark back to ancient traditions of mysterious cultures, modern tattoos still hold deep meaning for those who wear them.

Inside these pages you'll find more than 100 amazing full-color photographs exhibiting the countless variations in tattoo designs. Impressive in their detail, mesmerizing in their design, and often shocking in their breadth, tattoos make us wonder at their meaning and the mindset of the wearer. Whether you are personally adorned with numerous tattoos, have always wanted one, or simply question why so many people choose to get them, you'll find Tattoo to be a revealing study and a marvelous visual tour into the fascinating world of body art.

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